About us

"Here is the Circle of Velvet Covered Power ... now watch them go!"

Mediumship of Rev. Penny Donovan

The Cove Circle is an open Spiritual Development Circle, welcoming all who travel the spiritual path with an open mind and heart. We welcome all faith and belief understandings. You do not have to be a Medium to attend this Circle. All people have natural psychic abilities, and each of us is capable of having a Mediumistic experience at least once in our lifetime.

Mediums are ordinary people who have led very normal lives, albeit having often experienced difficult life challenges (aka opportunities to learn) and personal tragedies. Often, it is these experiences that create an awakening within the Spirit of the Medium, and beckon the soul to remember who we are in truth. For each individual, this Spiritual awareness will manifest and express itself uniquely. Each of us has the power to transform and transcend negative conditions and error perceptions. Doing so, brings our energy into balance and light, to a place where we can live from love, joy and peace. Our energy vibrations create a ripple effect, which affects all people and living beings. We are all connected, each being an individualized expression of Spirit, all part of the One Great Spirit. The powerful transformations I have made in my own life are what inspired me to help others on the Spiritual Path.

The Cove Circle was created in 2012 with this intent.

It is difficult to put into words the magic that happens each time we gather in sacred Circle. All I can say is that we are all growing, being healed and transforming a little bit more, each time we meet. Philosophic lessons come from a variety of sources. Some are channeled lessons from Master Teachers communicated through the deep Trance Mediumship of Rev Penny Donovan, of Sacred Garden Fellowship (Albany NY) with whom I have studied since 2008. Often, the lessons are inspirational from my own higher self (Spirit) with guidance from my Spirit Teachers and Guides. There is always time allowed for questions, and open format exchanges, as I believe we learn much from one another.

Meditations, Prayer, Hands on Spiritual Healing, Absent Healing, Tarot, as well as various other Psychic and Mediumistic exercises and experiments are some of our areas of study. We celebrate each other's progress and support one another through the growth opportunities that present to each of us along the way. Ours is an open Circle, and one of profound unity. Please see our Testimonial section to hear what attendees have to say about The Cove Circle. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our spiritual community.

For more information and details please message at thecovecircle.com