Rev. Patti Tomczyk, Niagara Ontario

I have had the pleasure of co-facilitating an Evidential Mediumship course for experienced mediums with Barbara and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. Barb is supportive and encouraging with students and colleagues, providing constructive and thought provoking feedback. She inspires others by building their confidence, encouraging them to access their unlimited potential and to push themselves to grow beyond their personal expectations. Barb consistently comes from a place of love and strives to empower her students. She is humble, sincere and actively demonstrates integrity in everything she does. Her passion and love for serving Spirit and others comes through in all that she does. I am genuinely honoured to have the opportunity to work with her.

Andrea, Denver Colorado

I have received a reading every year from Barb for the past three years, and I have gifted those closest to me with one as well. I look to Barb as a guide, whose unique way of connecting with Spirit has been an inspiration and a great aid to me. She has helped my healing process along its way regarding the death of both my parents, and with the unfolding of my spiritual path and purpose. There is something very special about the way Barb is able to paint with her words, the imagery of the messages given from beyond this material world. I was able to feel those I loved with so much clarity and the confirmation she gave me about what I already felt and knew was life changing. There is no higher recommendation I can give, except to gift yourself with a reading from this brilliant woman!

Susan, Toronto Ontario

It was such a pleasure to sit with you for a reading.

You gave me so much to confirm the happenings in my life ..
Your connection to Spirit was strong and the evidence accurate and clear..
To meet my family again through you the medium touched my heart ..
They were very factual ....I could feel their presence..

Thank you so much .....please continue to heal hearts.

Chrissy, Los Angeles California

From the moment you speak with Barb, you feel uplifted. I often read over her words from our session when I am feeling low, and my heart feels lighter without fail. It's easy to get caught up in life and the stress that can come with daily living. In those moments when I have forgotten who I really am, her words give me clarity. Speaking with Barb put me back in contact with a beloved relative, it gave me hope for a beautiful future, and gave me such peace for the present. I am grateful to have been introduced to her, and so look forward to future sessions. She is a gifted and beautiful soul.

Anne, Pleasantville New York

Barb is a genuinely gifted medium. From the moment she spoke to me I felt engulfed in a warm, loving energy. 

She connected me with my beloved, husband and brought his messages of guidance and caring. In addition, she brought her own loving, healing energy and counsel which left me at peace where that had been turmoil. I often turn to her words in difficult moments. She is truly exceptional.

Mary (Mimi), Pleasantville New York

I met Barb at a retreat and instantly liked her. Her passion and dedication for helping and healing was clear. I wasn't surprised that this genuinely kind person had chosen nursing as a profession.

Barb is an exceptionally compassionate human and a gifted medium.  She was born with the mediumistic ability but she is also an ardent student on the spiritual path. I have given my most precious family members readings with Barb. 

She has helped them enormously. They love her and consider her family, as do I. You who decide to work with Barb are blessed, and I assure you, you are in very good hands.

Tehmina, Toronto Ontario

Barb is a gifted intuitive and medium who places an emphasis on integrity and devotion to Spirit. Always, Barb's readings are offered with love and compassion and there is deep spiritual insight and truth. I am amazed at the accuracy of details in Barb's readings and the messages therein have always resonated for my Highest Good. 

 In this way, I feel working with Barb offers a deeply healing and transformative experience.

Barbara, Oakville Ontario

The Cove Circle feels very genuine. What makes it unique and special is the community of like minded wonderful people with open hearts and minds; people who come together to connect, share, and support each other as we grow on the spiritual journey.

The host, Barbara, is a fantastic and dedicated teacher. The material selected for each meeting has been thoughtfully chosen to lead the participants through a logical process.

The healing circle is amazing and very powerful!

The moment you join The Cove Circle you feel at home.

Deb, Kitchener Ontario

Barbara's circle is like no other! 

She is so dedicated, committed, well schooled and is so knowledgeable about a vast amount information spiritually and at a soul level. 

She is able to facilitate, guide and encourage interaction amongst participants in her circle so everyone feels comfortable with no judgment and total acceptance. Her circle is a place where like minds are committed to learning and everyone digests the information at a soul level. I call it a circle with the most meat that I have ever attended because you learn a vast amount of information including philosophy. It can be thought provoking and you will continue to process the information over the next few weeks. You will feel like you have heard some of this information before, though you knew you haven't but it makes total sense. Barbara encourages everyone to be the best that they can be which instills confidence in everyone to support each other. 

I would highly recommend Barbara's circle!

Lori, London Ontario

I have been a guest in the Cove Circle for two years. Barb leads the circle with love and integrity. She is committed to her path and shows strength of conviction and integrity. Barb shares her truth with compassion, love and honesty, while welcoming all truths within the group. Cove Circle has been for me the perfect place to be as we all find our path to hold as much light as we can in human form. I leave Circle knowing it is where I am meant to be and feeling an expansion in my consciousness, as little by little we grow forward together. 

In Circle we learn from our teacher and each other as we strive to build a better garden for our return home to spirit.

Pam, Cambridge Ontario

It is with great love and gratitude that I speak about Barbara Cove and the "Cove Circle."

In our everyday life we can only strive to be a little bit better with each day, as we learn to live in love and joy and not fear and chaos.

Having Barb and the "Circle" has helped me to understand how to be that "bit of better," which in turn is shared with everyone that I may touch in life. Just the change in energy achieved benefits the world.

Understanding we are all one is not an easy concept to grasp but with the wonderful lessons, the discussions and the healing energy that I receive during circle, you begin to bring balance to life and find a connection to "Spirit" that flows in to every moment.

I am forever grateful that my path has lead me to This connection with Barb that has helped bring peace and joy to my life.

Kathy, Kitchener Ontario

When I think of the Cove circle the first thought that comes to mind is Barb. She always makes one feel welcome, whether you are a new comer or someone who has known her for some time. 

The first time I attended Barb's circle, I knew after her brief explanation of what her circle was about, that this is where I needed to be. Barb has such a genuine, warm and gentle kindness about her. 

Through her warmth and sincerity, Barb has shown time and time again the importance of patience by always taking the time to listen to others and sharing her thoughts on the subject, from which we all learn. The teachings from Barb and the SGF have truly awakened the spirit within me and brought forth a deep understanding of my truth. 

I feel such immense Joy and Gratitude for Barb and the Cove Circle and I look forward to the continued divine teachings.

Antonie, Cambridge

For well over 20 years, I have worked with Barb in the Emergency Department. I have seen her guide patients and families through the worst time of their lives.

It wasn't until much later when I realized her ability to gently guide people through the loss of loved ones and connect with those we hold dear.

It has helped heal old wounds, resolve misguided feelings of guilt and provided me with peace in my heart.

I'll be forever grateful for your insight and friendship.