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Rev. Penny Donovan

Reverend Penny Donovan, D.D., was a natural medium from childhood. She was ordained in 1960 and obtained her Doctor of Divinity degree from the Fellowship of the Spirit in Buffalo, NY. In 2010, she founded Sacred Garden Fellowship and continued to teach, write, channel, and conduct spiritual classes and healing retreats until her death in 2020. From the early 1990's she began to write Beloved Women. Visit to learn more about Sacred Garden Fellowship and Reverend Donovan.


Beloved Women: The Loves of Jesus, the Christ

This is the story of two women who played a pivotal role in the life of Jesus, as we have come to know him: Mary Magdalene and Miriam. To them he was known as Yeshua ben Joseph, or simply Yeshua. The aching desolation left by Yeshua's death was more than met by the overpowering hope brought by his Resurrection. It was a hope so powerful that it gave voice to a truth long held in silence—God dwells in man. For hope is not wishful thinking. Hope is an active force that sets into motion new ideas and new incentives. It holds the quality of possibility like a shining beacon in the darkness. It urges man upward to a brighter belief and a dedication to create a better way of life. Beloved Women will help you see Jesus through the eyes of the women he loved and to appreciate the role they played in his life.

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Angels, Spirit Guides & Other Beings: Selected Lessons from Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel began channeling spiritual truths through Rev. Penny Donovan in October 1987. For twelve years, he continued his wonderful teachings until his final lesson in December 1999, at which time he said he would not come back through a channel for another 2,000 years. 

Throughout his time here, Gabriel gave over 250 lessons on a wide variety of topics, including our levels of consciousness, reincarnation, energy, our egos, the power of our thoughts, negative and positive thinking, unconditional love, forgiveness, and the purpose of the experiences we go through in our lives. 

His central theme was always for us to live our truth through unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness, and with the knowing that we are truly the Children of God. 

This volume contains Gabriel's lessons on angels and spirit guides and explains the differences between them and how they guide us to grow beyond our limitations. 

It also explores other dimensions and beings both on Earth and on other planets.

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