"Always teach truth. Always Heal from your higher self.  And always do what you love." 

Archangel Gabriel

Barbara Cove

Barbara Cove is a gentle Spiritual Medium, Healer and Teacher who loves music, yoga, travel, gardening and spending time in nature with family, friends and her dog Sparrow.

An Acute Care RN of more than 30 years, Barbara combines her skills of comprehensive assessment, with her love, dedication and qualities of Spirit, to offer unique and diverse services to her international clientele.

Since 2008, Barbara has studied concurrently, Spiritual Esoteric Philosophy, Healing and Mediumship with Sacred Garden Fellowship's Master Teachers, (Albany NY) and with several internationally respected tutors of Mediumship in Canada, USA and UK.

In 2019, after having attended an average of four Sacred Garden Fellowship healing retreats yearly since 2008, Barbara received certification in spiritual healing by Sacred Garden Fellowship founders, Rev. Penny Donovan, DD and Donald Gilbert, MSW. Barbara was ordained as a Healing Minister with Sacred Garden Fellowship during the November 19 Healing Retreat.

Since 2013, Barbara has co-facilitated one day workshops, weekend retreats, and led discussions in both Canada and the USA with Sacred Garden Fellowship and other organizations.

In 2019, the "Step into Your Power, "Spiritual Outreach" Program was created to cultivate peace, love and unity through spiritual public discourse and enlightenment. Join friends of the Cove Circle as we affect positive change one wholehearted conversation and powerful exercise at a time.

The Cove Circle

Step into your Power

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Cultivating Peace

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Workshops and Public Speaking

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Facilitating Healthy Relationships of Self and Others

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  •  Awaken Your Spirit
  • Live From Inner Peace
  • Know Your Soul
  • Manifest Your Best Life
  • Create Abundance
  • Realize Your Dreams
  • Be The Change
  • Brotherhood / Sisterhood
  • Inclusion
  • Mother Earth
  • Gratitude 
  • Forgiveness
  • Grace
  • Health Care Spirituality

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